How We Work

Creative, proactive marketing solutions to help your company succeed

Whether we are working with you on executing a market research project, planning and rolling out your marketing strategy, or developing your thought leadership pieces for content marketing, we believe in building a trusting and collaborative relationship with you. This results in a win-win for you and your customers.

Developing strategy first

In our Strategy First research process, led by marketing strategist Loraine Kasprzak, we will partner with you to define the research questions. Then we execute a research plan to delve into answers. The process typically includes client and industry interviews, sometimes focus groups, and always secondary (Internet) research.

Typical research questions include:

  • How is your company perceived in the marketplace?
  • What are your perceived strengths and weaknesses?
  • How are competitors perceived? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do clients understand your value proposition?
  • What marketing and sales messages resonate with your clients?
  • What messages also help us generate more cross-sales or new sales?

Creating your marketing plan

In our marketing planning process, we work with you to create a plan that drives your marketing system:

  • Assess your current market positioning
  • Research and analyze target markets
  • Assess the competitive environment (In short, we see what your competitors are up to)
  • Uncover market opportunities and external threats
  • Set marketing goals aligned with your business objectives
  • Plan marketing tactics that suit your goals and budget
  • Design and pretest marketing programs and collateral
  • Refine and then roll out campaigns
  • Monitor and adjust campaign tactics
  • Cheer you on to success!

Strategizing thought leadership content

Content is the voice of strategy. In other words, it’s how you communicate your expertise, educate your prospective customers and guide them through their buying journey. When we work with you to develop your thought leadership content, we will:

  • Set project goals, timeline as well as a budget
  • Determine the target audience and content format
  • Collaborate with you to develop your voice and point-of-view
  • Brainstorm topic ideas aligned with the customer journey
  • Develop quarterly and annual content calendars
  • Leverage any previous written materials (e.g., sales presentations, internal memos, etc.)
  • Create the first draft, or edit and polish the draft you have created
  • Finalize the piece and then prepare it for publication
  • Help you promote your thought leadership content to your audience

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