Case Studies


Marketing Strategy Development
Problem:An industrial transportation company thought it was missing market opportunities, but did not have the internal resources to evaluate its market and develop a plan to take advantage of these opportunities.
Approach:Advantage Marketing evaluated the company’s situation and conducted primary and secondary market research to develop insight into the market structure and trends. We also analyzed customer profitability. Findings from the research and analysis were synthesized into a set of strategic alternatives that we presented to company management. With management buy-in, we developed a detailed marketing plan to implement strategic objectives.
Results: The company increased focus on its best customers and got more business from them. The company also had a better understanding of the industry market segments and its strengths and weaknesses in serving them. Within the marketing plan, we developed tactics for approaching key market segments. This work is ongoing and is continuing to result in increased business in key segments for the company.
Branding Study for a Small Business Advisory Agency
Problem:A state agency that works with small businesses was concerned about its brand image among entrepreneurs and established small businesses.
Approach: Advantage Marketing reviewed internal agency documents and interviewed referral agents – individuals such as bankers and angel investors who referred small businesses to the agency. The objective of the review was to develop an understanding of how the agency’s brand was communicated and perceived. AM also facilitated a work session with the agency directors, so that they would become more familiar with the branding concepts and how they were relevant to their agency.
Results: We discovered that the agency was not presenting a clear brand message for itself. AM recommended three brand development goals that would assist the agency in promoting a more deliberate, well thought out brand image. AM also recommended a series of tactics that focused on low cost, high impact ways to get the agency’s message across. The agency used this branding plan to advance its overall mission.
Integrated Marketing Program for a New Distributorship Branch
Problem: An industrial products distributor was expanding its operations by opening a branch in a new location. Management needed a cost-effective program for publicizing the new location and ramping up sales.
Approach:Working with management, Advantage Marketing developed an integrated marketing program that would increase awareness among perspective customers. The plan included public relations, advertising, direct mail, sales prospecting, contests, and donations to local charitable organizations. The promotional program ended with a grand opening celebration.
Results:Awareness among prospects increased, as evidenced by the large crowd at the grand opening day celebration. Longer term, foot traffic and orders placed with the branch showed a steady increase.
Email and Social Media Marketing for an Internet Retailer
Problem: The owners of an Internet retail company knew that they should be doing a better job keeping in touch with their current customers and capturing leads from their website. They did not have the time or the internal resources to tackle this challenge. Other than the website and pay-per-click advertising, the company did not have a marketing program in place to build its customer base.
Approach:Advantage Marketing was hired on a retainer basis to develop a marketing program to grow the retailer’s customer base. Tactics included targeted email campaigns, periodic public relations campaigns and radio interviews, and ongoing social media outreach.
Results:The retailer grew its customer base and increased sales by 4-5% even though overall industry-wide retail sales were flat.