The Ultimate Trade Show Marketing Guide for NJ Businesses

Complimentary trade show marketing guide!

How to use trade shows effectively to get known, make connections, and generate leads

 Trade shows offer a golden opportunity to catapult your brand into the spotlight, connect with peers, and engage directly with your target market. This guide is for New Jersey business executives who want to leverage this powerful, proven marketing tactic to get the most return on their investment.

Why Exhibit at a Trade Show?

Curious as to why you should exhibit at an industry trade show or convention? We’ve found that New Jersey business execs and their teams exhibit at trade shows for a variety of reasons:

Networking opportunities

Trade shows provide a platform to connect with potential clients, partners, and industry peers. This networking can lead to new business relationships, collaborations, and opportunities for you.

Brand visibility and recognition

Exhibiting allows your company to showcase your products or services to a large and targeted audience, reinforcing your brand presence in the industry.

Lead generation

By engaging directly with attendees, you and your teams can collect contact information and identify potential customers who are interested in your offerings.

Market research

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to observe industry trends, understand competitors, and gather feedback from potential customers. This information can be valuable for refining business strategies and improving your products or services.

Product launches

Many companies use trade shows as a platform to launch new products or services. The immediate feedback from attendees can be instrumental in gauging market reaction and making necessary adjustments.

Sales opportunities

In addition to lead gen, these shows can provide a direct sales environment where your sales team can demonstrate products, answer questions, and close deals on the spot. This can lead to immediate sales and increased revenue.

Brand credibility

Being present at industry-specific trade shows enhances your company’s credibility. It signals to attendees that you are a significant player in the industry and committed to staying engaged with the market.

Education and learning

These events often include seminars, workshops, and presentations from industry experts. Your company representatives can attend these sessions to gain insights, learn about new technologies, and stay current on industry developments.

Customer engagement

Exhibiting at trade shows allows you to interact with existing customers, strengthening relationships and gaining valuable feedback. It also gives you opportunities to demonstrate appreciation for customer loyalty. (Think: invitation-only breakfast or dinner events.)

Competitive advantage

By showcasing your latest innovations and staying visible in the market, your business can maintain a competitive edge. Trade shows allows you to position yourself against competitors and highlight your unique selling points.

Trade Show Checklist

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What to Know Before You Go

You’ve signed the contract for your show booth. But there’s more you need to do before the show to ensure a successful event. Graphics, promotional items, sales sheets, demos, sponsorships… These are all things you need to consider to showcase your company effectively.

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What to Do at the Show to Make the Most of Your Investment

It’s showtime! If you’re exhibiting or presenting at a trade show, you want to get people to your booth and convert visitors to prospects and ultimately, buyers. All the pre-planning is done; now it’s time to maximize the value of your investment and your time during the event.

Following Up on Your Trade Show Experience

Show’s over! Everything is packed up and everyone is heading back to their offices. You’ve likely met a lot of people and shared information about your brand with a lot of people. Now what?

Find out what post-trade show marketing activities will ensure your time there was well spent—and your investment pays off.

Get Instant Access to Your Free Trade Show Marketing Checklist!

Trade Show Checklist
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