Following Up on Your Trade Show Experience

Following Up on Your Trade Show Experience

Show over! Everything is packed up and everyone is heading back to their offices. You’ve likely met a lot of people and shared information about your brand with a lot of people. Now what?

Check off these post-trade show marketing activities to make sure your time there was well spent—and your investment pays off.

Communicate: Be ready with a structured follow-up strategy with all the new (and existing) contacts you met with. Re-engage with your email campaign with fresh post-show messaging. Suggest next steps, invite recipients to set up a call … whatever you need to continue the conversation.

Content marketing: Create a post-event summary for your blog or company newsletter with key takeaways and event highlights.

Get team insights: Get the trade show “download” from your staff who was there. What worked and what didn’t, who are the hottest leads, and what can you do next time for even better ROI?

Keep engaging new contacts: Again, continue the conversation with information and insights that benefit them. Use email marketing, social media posts geared to this audience (including sponsored posts/social media ads about your products or services they need), and invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. If you do webinars or live presentations, be sure to invite them so see more of your expertise and more great reasons to stay in the fold … as you move them down the sales funnel.

Contact Advantage Marketing for help with your post-trade show marketing needs. In the meantime, download our free trade show marketing checklist to make sure you’re covering all your follow-up activities.

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