Maximizing Your Trade Show Presence

It’s show time! If you’re exhibiting or presenting at a trade show, you want to get people to your booth and convert visitors to prospects and ultimately, buyers. All the pre-planning is done; now it’s time to maximize the value of your investment and your time during the event.

– Staff your booth with people-first team members. They should be comfortable delivering your key messaging and sharing (the right) information with visitors about your brand.

– Use interactive displays to draw people in; this can be as simple as a slide show on your laptop.

–  Use your social media channels to post photos of the booth, of your team (nicely posed, please!), of interactions with visitors, or shots of you on stage during a talk or panel discussion.

–  Post video live updates on social media as well – of your seminar, or you and your team doing a live demonstration of your product.

–  Share key takeaways of the convention with your followers. Tag the event’s accounts, team members, and visitors (with their permission) to broaden your reach.

You might meet a great referral source, potential partner/vendor, and of course, prospects who haven’t visited your booth or attended your talk.

Oh – and have fun!

Need more tips for trade show success? Download our free trade show marketing checklist to make sure you get the most out of your attendance as exhibitor and/or presenter.

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