4 Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a tried and true digital marketing channel. As other marketing trends come and go, email marketing remains a steady source of traffic and conversions but you must constantly innovate and evolve.  Here are some tips for keeping things fresh:

Personalize – While personalizing website content can be a complex and daunting task, personalizing email content is quite straightforward by comparison. There’s no reason not to be personalizing your emails to at least some degree.

Include video content – Showcasing video content in your emails is shown to increase user interest and engagement.

Include GIFs – Another way to enhance the visual appeal of your emails is to include animated GIFs as part of your design. Animations are a reliable way to capture a user’s attention when he or she opens your email.

Revisit your segmentation – How up-to-date is your list segmentation? Is your segmentation serving your distribution needs well, or are there more useful user attributes you could be focusing on?

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