5 Simple Rules for Building a Marketing Plan

5 Simple Rules for Building a Marketing Plan
Follow these 5 simple rules for creating a successful marketing plan

Your marketing plan is the Holy Grail for getting prospects to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, and then TRY your product or service. Creating a plan may sound complicated – but don’t panic. These 5 simple rules can help you create one that leads to your marketing success:

Rule #1: Put it in writing. This may be hard – maybe you’d prefer to talk through it instead. In which case, get someone to listen and write while you talk. The point here is – if it’s in writing, you have a clearer picture of what you must do. You will also be more likely to follow through.

Rule #2: Keep it simple. A simple 2-page written plan that is executed with excellence will outperform a detailed, but poorly executed plan every time.

Rule #3: Seek input from others. There are two types of people you must to talk to. First, talk to your best customers – ask them: What made you decide to hire us or buy from us? What is one thing we do better? What could we do better? Would you refer us? This is all important input to your marketing plan. Second, talk to a trusted advisor who knows you – and understands your industry. This is a person who can help you develop and fine-tune your offerings based on the input from your customers.

Rule #4: Schedule your tactics. Set up a marketing calendar and budget so that you know each quarter what you need to get done. Then you don’t have to think – you just have to do.

Rule #5: Execute. Follow the schedule you set up. Professional marketers know that it’s also important for you to evaluate what you did, so that you learn what was effective. Then it is simple to do more of what worked and less of what didn’t.

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