Automating Your Business

Automation is considered the next major frontier in marketing.

But are you extending your business’s automation practices far enough? If you’re going to make automation work for you you’ll need to put in the front-end effort to set it up. Get started with these tips:

Put Data in Its Place: If you want to take advantage of the full breadth of marketing automation options; spend the money to invest in a powerful CRM system.

Break It Apart: Taking apart the information feeding into your CRM will allow you to see how your current marketing campaigns are working and hone them for improved performance.

Set Benchmarks: Marketing automation is a multi-phase process and you should set benchmarks that can guide you and let you know how close to fully automated your business’s system is.

Automate Personality: You need to develop customer personas. These are templates that have particular perspectives on sales, customer needs, and that embrace a tone that’s limited to specific sales groups.

Remember: Embracing automation also means smoothing workflow, improving team management, and helping sales managers shift their responsibilities to more productive activities than sheer data wrangling. (smalbiztrends)

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