Common SEO Mistakes Ruining Your Content Marketing

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes

Search engines help you get new readers, viewers, and listeners for your content. Give the search engines what they want by avoiding the following common mistakes that content creators make.

Short Content

Google likes long-form content because it gives searchers enough information to satisfy their needs. Generally, the more in-depth the content is, the more likely it solves the searcher’s intent or question, and that is what Google wants.

No Imagery or Design Elements

Design elements that break up text keeps readers on the page longer. The longer they are on the page, the more likely Google will boost the content’s rank due to dwell time.

Misspellings/Content Errors

Misspellings and other content errors are not, technically, SEO factors, but they hurt your credibility and your chance to be linked to.

No Content Breaks

The average reader’s attention span is very short, hence the importance of recapturing the reader’s attention continuously, throughout an article. To do that, break up the text.

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