Google’s Helpful Content Update: Part 1

Google’s Helpful Content Update: Part 1

Last summer, Google rolled out a new algorithm that ranks websites based on how helpful the content is on the site. The more informative for humans the content, the more highly the website will show up on the search engine results pages.

When your company website presents helpful, reliable information written to benefit the people searching for it (and not written to serve the SEO gods!), it can edge out other websites that Google’s automated ranking system deems as unhelpful.

This human-first, search engine-second approach rewards helpful content with the aim of providing site visitors with a more satisfying search (and discovery) experience. Sites with unhelpful content don’t perform as well in the rankings.

We recommend you check your website content for the quality of the content—including strong page titles, appropriate headings, and insightful, descriptive, interesting information that is well produced and speaks to your intended audience. When conducting your website review, ask yourself if it meets the EEAT factors: content that reflects experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.  Additionally (as always), your corporate website must provide a satisfying user experience.

Don’t get stuck behind your competition due to unhelpful website content!

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