How Sticky Are Your Customers?

Sticky Customers

No, we’re not talking about gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes. A sticky customer is one who is likely to buy from your company multiple times. But the term is slightly different from customer retention, which is tangible repeat business. Retention is a metric based on revenue and percentage of your existing customers who’ve bought again (and again).

Customer stickiness is how buyers perceive the value of your product or service—it’s the “why” behind their repurchases. It’s about the value of the transaction but it is also a key factor in helping you develop long-term customer relationships. And because the goal of marketing is gaining new customers and keeping existing ones, evaluating your customer stickiness will help you maximize your marketing ROI—and encourage higher rates of retention.

Customer stickiness builds consumer trust and loyalty, product/service value, your referral pipeline, and generates higher sales and strong reviews.

Therefore, understanding why a customer sticks with your brand is essential to cultivating long-term relationships that start at the prospect stage of the buyer journey. Maybe it’s the quality of your product or service, your price points, or the customer experience your team provides. 

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