Is It Time for a Marketing Makeover?

Has your company shifted its direction or deliverables?

Like a shark that must keep swimming to survive, all businesses must continue moving ahead over time, and not stagnate, to address changes in customer needs or preferences, market conditions, and other factors. Sometimes it means updating or expanding goods or services or a change in a company’s target audience or buyer. 

Regardless of the reasons for the shift in company direction or deliverables, You need to adapt your marketing strategy and messaging to align with the shift.

Is your business undergoing a change? If so, your marketing probably needs to be updated or in some cases, totally overhauled, depending on the extent of your new direction. Before you embark on a marketing makeover, check on these elements of a new marketing strategy:

*Clearly identify your new or broader target audience and what they need. 

* Update your messaging to show them how your products or services fill those needs and why they should buy from you (how your company soothes their pain points).

– In addition to conveying your value proposition, remember that different customers/clients may require different messaging styles (more formal or more lighthearted, more technical or less so.

– Chances are, you’ll need to develop new content for your website and inbound marketing activities to reflect the shifts.

* Adjust marketing tactics to ensure your marketing assets are reaching the right people in the right channels, and make the necessary course corrections if necessary.

* Review your visual branding to see if it’s in line with new offerings or a new corporate mission.

New buyers, new marketing tactics
As you’ll read in this case study, one Advantage Marketing client pivoted due to emerging client needs and a changing market. Among the activities needed to reframe the company’s marketing included:

* Refreshing company branding to refine its messaging for a new audience

* Aligning all sales and marketing materials to reflect expanded services

* Redesigning collateral material

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