Is the Content on Your Website Still Relevant?

Is the content on your website still relevant?

Is your content fresh and updated? How do you know? Why does that even matter?

Why is up-to-date content important?

Updating content is crucial because you don’t want anyone to find information on your website that is no longer valid. If you’ve written a high-quality blog post and optimized it well, chances are that people will find that post in the search engine. Older posts shouldn’t contain advice that isn’t valid anymore, since you want people to invest time in SEO strategies that work and are still relevant.

Why is fresh content important for SEO?

Keeping it fresh is also important for SEO. Google will notice changes in an article that you rewrite. By regularly updating, you’re actually showing Google that your site is alive!

Tips on how to keep your content fresh

1. Update Cornerstones
2. Update posts that generate a lot of traffic
3. Delete really outdated posts
4. Merge posts that are very similar 
5. Don’t forget “other” pages 

It’s important to keep content current and fresh if you want to attract and engage readers from search engines by using older posts. Start with those cornerstones when updating and refreshing old posts and be sure to feature the most popular articles first!

(Source: Yoast)

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