Marketing Strategy Part 4: Have a Conversation, Not a Sales Pitch

Marketing Strategy Part 4: Have a Conversation, Not a Sales Pitch

Marketing works best when you tell a story your consumers relate to. Like an absorbing novel that hooks you in, your brand story needs to have a beginning, middle, and end that draws them in and holds their attention (long enough to make the call or click the link). And you, as the marketer, must be the hero of your story to potential buyers!

Rather than throw a typical sales pitch at your prospects, you can showcase those milestones by having a conversation with them instead. Tell your audience you understand the problem they need solved, show the solutions you offer to address the pain point, and provide examples of how you achieve that resolution.

An authentic conversation with your customers engages them with core messaging that shows the benefits of working with or buying from you in relatable ways.

Make sure your conversation (no sales pitch allowed!) includes:

– Identifying benefits of your product or service – tell them what’s in it for them when you work together. Write down what you provide and expand that into how you do so. This could be your business approach, specific programs or technology, or unique sales points.

2 – Defining your how-what-why –the ways in which you solve customers’ pain points. Look at what your competitors are saying about their process, goods, or services and see how you can distinguish yourself—or build on those elements. Why should they buy from you?

3 – Developing your problem-solving messaging – remember your story’s beginning, middle, and end featuring the hero (your company), the consumer, the problem, and the resolution. A branding statement that addresses these elements will serve as the foundation for compelling messages that draw in the struggling consumers who need what you provide!

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