Marketing Trends for 2024: Building Trust and Relationships

Consumers are getting wise to AI, can easily verify claims online, and are not big fans of content that doesn’t feel “person first” in its approach. (HINT: no one likes to be sold to by bot-developed social media posts and worse, those off-target inbox messages like a used car salesman from the 1960s just showed up in their feed). 

Now more than ever, brands must be relatable to build trust with their audiences to maintain current buyers, gain new fans, and to show their human side. It’s about cutting through the online clutter, nurturing prospects throughout the buyer journey, and building brand loyalty.

Personalized, genuine strategic content and honest, sincere communication will help your brand rise above the noise. Use tried & true marketing channels such as email marketing (your ideal audience will open those newsletters if you are providing value to them). 

Short-form video is on the rise as a touchpoint. Storytelling that engages and entertains, informative thought leadership articles, and content that teaches are great ways to build relationships that will yield marketing ROI. 

In short, show your brand is credible by being REAL. Need guidance in developing a marketing strategy that builds trust with your consumers? I’d love to chat – grab a spot on my calendar for a quick call.

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