Marketing Trends for 2024: Make Your Marketing Authentic (and Better!)

Authentic: adjective
1: not false or imitation : real, actual 
2: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character

Consumers are becoming savvier about what they are being served by marketers—and they are seeking more authentic interactions with brands.

According to a Forbes Business Council article, “90% of customers report that authenticity is an important factor in deciding which brands they like, but Millennials and Gen Z … now prefer brands that are ‘real and organic’ as opposed to ‘perfect and well-packaged.’”

Today’s consumers easily spot inauthentic marketing. They research products. They are more aware of greenwashing and less-than-legit claims and are skeptical about the content brands deliver. The majority (about 86%) consider brand authenticity when making purchase decisions.

1) Artificial intelligence
A survey of marketers by Brandwatch revealed that 92% of respondents said integrating AI into marketing is this year’s #1 trend. When blended properly with human expertise and interaction, AI can be an excellent marketing tool.

2) Personalization to build repeat business
Extending the personal touch to experiences between consumers and brands builds rapport and business According to the Brandwatch report, 60% of consumers report becoming repeat buyers after a personalized purchasing experience. And today, consumers are coming to expect this, especially after they share personal data with a company. Using demographic and customer data to build highly targeted customer profiles is another way to incorporate personalization into your marketing. 

3) Embrace video tailored to your audience
Whether your audience prefers educational or entertaining content, speak to them more directly with short-form video. When it’s content they want, it will feel more personal and engaging.

4) Create social content that inspires, engages, and informs

Remember, people don’t want to be sold to in organic social content. The latest Sprout Social Index™ cited that the primary reason consumers follow brands on social media is to stay informed about products and services … but that consumers are not seeing enough authentic, non-promotional content.

Become the go-to resource for inspiration and useful information instead. Social networks are becoming search engines. Therefore, answer questions that users are asking, provide value in their feeds, and think about how to incorporate user-generated content into your posts for that authentic, personal experience.

Incorporating these trends into your brand marketing will generate a better user experience, stronger brand loyalty, and positive word of mouth.  Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share three more trends to consider incorporating into your brand marketing!

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