Notes With Benefits: Build Your Brand, Strengthen Client Relationships

by Guest Contributor Susan M. Krien, Happenstance Creations

Notes With Benefits: Build Your Brand, Strengthen Client Relationships
Custom notecards, such as this one for Chameleon Resumes, can help you build your company’s brand as well as client relationships.

Our world of electronic gadgets and technology has a major impact on how we communicate with each other. Speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance, but where is the personal touch in all of this?

Emails are great for getting business done: confirming and setting appointments, sending documents, following up, but do little to enhance the business relationship.

We don’t communicate our thoughts on paper as often as we should, primarily because of our ready access to smart phones, iPads, and laptops. The challenge is to step back and find your voice on paper.

If you take account of all the occasions that arise in business that would motivate you to send an email: a referral, a promotion, thank you, happy birthday, project delivery – the list is endless – consider what it would be like for you and the recipient if you wrote a handwritten note instead. The recipient wouldn’t have to sift through a pile of emails to read your message. After all, what would make it stand out and be noticed? Instead, they would have the pleasure of opening a personally addressed envelope with a thoughtful message. This experience makes a lasting impression.

What a great “authentic” marketing opportunity for you and your brand! Note writing is a personal touch point that enables you to build good business relationships by expressing and revealing your genuine thoughtfulness.

Note writing, however, is more than just jotting down a few lines on paper.  It’s a process that requires having a selection of paper, writing instruments, stamps, and some focused, quiet time to compose your thoughts and write your message. The handwritten note is something special for both you and the recipient.

One key to selecting notecards is ensuring that the card conveys your business. There are many paper format options available including the fold-over note, along with the flat notecard, both created in various sizes. An added enhancement to consider would be to include your company logo or address. Monogrammed notes work nicely as well.  In addition to selecting an appropriate design, take note of the pen you select. All these features will combine to portray your desired image. Remember the note is an extension of you and your brand.

Kerry Cordero notecard
The handwritten note is something special for you and the recipient.

Once you have made your selections, having them on-hand and readily available will ensure your ability to compose and send notes in a timely fashion.

There are many books that have been written on the value of writing notes that can be used as reference. Business Notes…Writing Personal Notes That Build Professional Relationships by Florence Isaacs is a great resource, as is The Art of the Handwritten Note: A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communications by Margaret Shepherd.

If you are searching for a new marketing tool that provides personal attention, comes at a very low cost, AND has a high chance of being read, then incorporate handwritten notes into your business marketing. It may become the highlight of your day!

Do you send handwritten notes? Tell us how they’ve worked for you in the Comments section.

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