Review Management Best Practices 

Customer Review Best Practices

Customer review best practices

People who’ve taken the time to write a review want to be heard. It’s no different than if they’d contacted your customer service desk. Your service representatives wouldn’t ignore them and neither should any business online.

Responding to any customer online review shows the business cares about their customers’ experiences. In fact, 41% of customers say that when brands reply to their online reviews, it makes them feel the company really cares. (Bazaarvoice). And most customers (89%) read those replies. (BrightLocal) We recommend you respond to online reviews within a few days to avoid the impression your company isn’t “listening.”

Even more compelling: people spend around 49% more money at businesses that respond to their customer reviews, and when a business replies to at least a quarter of their online customer reviews, they earn 35% more revenue on average. (Womply)

Get your customers to leave more positive reviews of your business – and increase your sales 

A product with just five reviews has a 270% higher likelihood of purchase (Spiegel). Could your business use a boost like that? 

Advantage Marketing’s reputation and review management service drives your online reputation forward. We connect with your customer, provide opportunities for leaving reviews, and offer relationship-building elements to improve engagement—and create brand loyalty.

Wouldn’t you love to attract positive reviews of your business and improve your online reputation? Our review management services will help you do just that! Contact us today.

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