Social Media and the Customer Journey

Your social media marketing can sometimes feel separate from your other marketing efforts. The fact of the matter is that all of your marketing efforts should be shaped around the customer journey, and that includes social media. Here’s how you can incorporate social media in the first 3 stages of the customer journey:


Social media is a great place to introduce your business to new people. The first stage of the customer journey is all about exposing your target audience to your branded content.
The first step to setting yourself up to meet new people on social is making sure you establish a profile with all of your information that clearly incorporates your branding and logos.


Once you’ve gotten the attention of new fans, it’s time to get on their good side. In the like phase, you want to educate them on their problems. This is the time to show that you understand their pain, and that your business offers the perfect solution to whatever ails them.
Continue to share content, but whatever you do, make sure it’s meaningful!


By now, you’ve convinced your audience that you know your field and understand the problem that you solve. Now’s the time to reinforce that trust in your business and drive initial engagement.

You can take an organic approach by sharing links that drive back to an initial offer on your website or use paid posts with targeted calls to action.

In our next blog post we will share 4 more stages where you can fit meaningful social media into the customer experience.

(Source: Duct Tape Marketing)

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