Tips for Successfully Re-launching Your Website

Tips for Successfully Re-Launching Your Website

An outdated website sends a message that you aren’t up on the latest trends. 

There comes a time when every business needs to revamp and re-launch for maximum impact. Relaunching your site might seem almost overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some simple rules of thumb you can follow that will make your re-launch not only easy but successful.

1. Benchmarks

Before you launch your website redesign, be sure to familiarize yourself with your site’s traffic, bounce rate, average time on site and other stats so you have an accurate picture of how successful — or unsuccessful — your re-launch is.

2. Goals

Once you know where your traffic is, it’s time to set some goals for where you want it to be. What do you hope to accomplish with your re-launch? Do you want more traffic? Perhaps you want more visitors to convert into customers. Whatever your goals, write them out and then work backward on how you will get there.

3. SEO Still Matters

There are more than 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web. You have to stand out from all of those, rise up the ranks and somehow capture the attention of potential site visitors.

4. Test Different Browsers

Ideally, before you launch your new look, you should test how the site performs across different browsers and screen sizes. Choose the one you like best and see how your site might look on a mobile device or on a larger screen.

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Measuring Your Social Media Profitability

Measuring Your Social Media Profitability

Wondering if your social media marketing efforts are paying off?

Reviewing your budget and calculating your ROI are important aspects of a social media audit but are often overlooked. While many businesses and marketers have a firm grasp of money, calculating total ROI from social media is more difficult, especially when you’re looking at purely social ROI instead of financial ROI.

To tackle this, pull up all of your records and look at how much you’re spending on social media. Potential costs include:

  • Ad spend
  • Consultant or agency fees
  • Third-party analytics and management tools
  • Contest software
  • Apps and tools to create images
  • Employees who help with your social media efforts
  • Professional photographers or equipment to take photos

Compare the costs and results. If you spend $199 on contest software and generated 304 leads and 102 conversions on a $20 per month subscription, for example, you’ll be able to see that ROI clearly.

When examining third-party analytics, management, and social listening tools, look at both the costs and benefits you’ve received. Have these tools made you more efficient? Also, look at whether they’ve helped you generate better results from your content.

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Automating Your Business

Automating Your Business

Automation is considered the next major frontier in marketing.

But are you extending your business’s automation practices far enough? If you’re going to make automation work for you you’ll need to put in the front-end effort to set it up. Get started with these tips:

Put Data in Its Place: If you want to take advantage of the full breadth of marketing automation options; spend the money to invest in a powerful CRM system.

Break It Apart: Taking apart the information feeding into your CRM will allow you to see how your current marketing campaigns are working and hone them for improved performance.

Set Benchmarks: Marketing automation is a multi-phase process and you should set benchmarks that can guide you and let you know how close to fully automated your business’s system is.

Automate Personality: You need to develop customer personas. These are templates that have particular perspectives on sales, customer needs, and that embrace a tone that’s limited to specific sales groups.

Remember: Embracing automation also means smoothing workflow, improving team management, and helping sales managers shift their responsibilities to more productive activities than sheer data wrangling. (smalbiztrends)

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