Trends That Will Drive Small Business In 2022


As life starts to regain a sense of normalcy, new business trends are emerging, and understanding them can help small businesses find their footing again. Below are 3 trends that could impact small businesses the most in 2022.  

1. Digital And Cloud Technologies

Many small businesses do not have a strong digital presence. Success in the next ten years will be driven by your ability to use and leverage the digital and cloud technologies in use today, and your willingness to stay on top of whatever technologies your customers are using. Today, it is Slack, Teams and Twitter. Who knows what it will be in three years?

2. Family-First Workplace Values 

Many people have reassessed what they value in life over the last year or so, and this has led to a family-first movement. That means business owners need to create a people-first workplace, or risk losing their best team members. Small-business owners need to create a set of workplace values with their teams and ensure that managers, especially, lead with those values every day. 

3. The Efficiency Of Digital Marketing

Small-business owners should accept that digital marketing is here to stay. While digital marketing may not continue to largely replace in-person profile building, as it has during the pandemic, its cost- and time-efficiency can no longer be ignored. Harness those benefits to reach a broad audience consistently.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share 3 more trends that will drive small business in 2022!

(Source: Forbes)

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