Use Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing

Use Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing

Build trust with prospects by including detailed quotes or testimonials on your website, your company social media and sales presentations.  Adding customer testimonials to your marketing mix can help create instant credibility and might even strengthen relationships with existing customers. In our last blog we shared 2 tips for using this tactic to enhance your marketing. This week we are sharing 3 more!

Ask permission to quote

Though your customers may have wonderful things to say about you, they may not want to see their name, title, and company in print. This is especially true for corporate clients who are often required to get approval from several layers of management and often can’t get it at all. One solution is to ask for permission to use their first name, last initial, title and company type. For example, an attribution could read, “Patricia B, vice president, research, Fortune 50 consumer products company.”

Ask the right questions

The key to effective testimonials is to get beyond “You did a great job!” and illustrate how you solved your customer’s problem or enhanced their experience. By asking detailed questions, you can uncover what really worked and what was meaningful to them.

Consider developing case studies 

As you talk to your customers, you may find that their experience with your product or service warrants more in-depth coverage. Consider collaborating with a few of these customers to develop case studies, which are typically of great interest to prospects.

For examples of the PAR (Problem – Approach – Results) approach to developing case studies, see the Advantage Marketing case studies.

Learn more about the successful marketing campaigns we’ve run for our clients. Download the AM case studies.

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