What to Do When Your Website Isn’t Performing

Do you feel like your website isn’t performing as you had hoped?

What to Do When Your Website Isn’t Performing

Are you frustrated that your website isn’t performing as you had hoped? Unfortunately that happens all too often. You spent a lot of money building a new website and it just isn’t making prospects call you or fill out online contact forms on your site. Or you’ve had your site for a while, and it used to work well but it no longer is findable when your customers search for your business.

Reasons why your website isn’t performing

There are many things you should evaluate to determine why your website is not performing. In addition to the site design and layout, pay attention to:

  • Clear calls to action (what do you want the site visitor to do?) Is it easy for a visitor to contact your business?
  • Navigation – is it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for? Provide a clear path to other pages on your site.
  • Your Homepage isn’t clear – Do you have a clear description on your homepage about what problems you solve, how you are different, and any “credibility badges” – things like awards, certifications, memberships and associations.
  • Your website isn’t findable. Is your business showing up for searches for the keywords you want to rank for?
  • Your site isn’t mobile friendly, or doesn’t load quickly – Google is prioritize mobile now that the majority of searches are done from a mobile device.

What to do to improve website performance

A website… heck marketing… has to begin with strategy. Developing a core message, understanding why your best customers do business with you, doing research on the industry and the competition, building know like and trust, are all things that are critical to develop a homepage and a site that performs.

Focusing on strategy first is key to helping your website perform the way you want. From the research that you do, you can determine the best keyword phrases to optimize for, how to compete and win against the competition, and how to zero in on your ideal customer.

Another really important thing to consider is to conduct a total online presence audit. This helps to establish a benchmark and a baseline of your current online presence, as well as how you’re stacking up against your competitors.

(Source: Duct Tape Marketing)

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