Get Rid of This Word Trash!

Get Rid of This Word Trash!

In a world that’s becoming increasingly virtual, with communication frequently happening via text, email and chats, there are a lot of common phrases cluttering the space. These words and phrases have taken on the name “word trash” and according to Fast Company should be tossed out!

Why throw out the “word trash”?  In short, it’s easier to connect with others if we use direct, clear language. Here are just a few of these phrases and why they should be thrown out.

Are you guilty of using any?

This is a nice (and indirect) way of saying, “This isn’t important right now, stop bringing it up!”  Instead be clear and use “I’ll call/email you about this tomorrow.”

For example, “just wanted to check in…” “just following up on…”. Be more direct with a strong, clear message by taking “just” out.  In 2015, former Google executive Ellen Leanse and her colleagues even banned the word just from their communications!

These phrases can come across as disingenuous and could possibly turn people off. No one likes a phony so avoid using these in your communication.

The common response to the phrase “any questions?” is the sound of crickets because it feels too open ended.  People like more direction so even using the word “some” instead of any may get more of a response.  For example, “Is there something else I can do for you today?” rather than “Is there anything else?”

2020 has been a year of learning to connect in new ways – so scrap the word trash and make sure you are connecting effectively!

Read the FULL ARTICLE for more “word trash” phrases HERE.

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