Marketing Trends for 2024: Artificial Intelligence

Marketing Trends for 2024: Artificial Intelligence

It seems every industry is talking about Artificial Intelligence and how it will shake up the way things are done. This includes marketing.

Thanks to lots of machine learning, generative AI produces text, images, or other content, usually in response to prompts users provide. It’s a bit uncomfortable to think that marketing copy, blog articles, or images for ads and websites are being produced by a computer model, but marketers are embracing it as a supportive tool that still relies on us—the humans who create solid marketing plans, ad campaigns, and compelling stories—to do the work of creating and maintaining the authenticity we talked about in our last  Magnetic Marketing Tips.

There is (currently!) no substitute for human experience, expertise, and personal connection. As a marketing trend for 2024, think of artificial intelligence as the tool that helps put your thinking and ideas into a good draft form for your campaigns. 

After all, the content it creates is only as good as the people who provide the prompts (backed by their marketing and brand know-how to apply the right impact, tone, and quality to the generated content). It’s more like having a marketing assistant help with a project.

As professional communicators, we understand the value of maintaining that “real” connection with our clients and we know how to develop successful marketing campaigns that hit all the right benefits and selling points.

And we understand that tech tools, used properly, can enhance what we do.

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