More Social Media Tips to Help Grow Your Business

social media tips

In a previous blog post we shared social media tips for your business. Here are 3 more expert recommended tips that are proven to work!

1. Take a Unique Approach to Each Platform

It’s important to recognize every social platform attracts its own distinct and unique crowd. This means something that works really well on Twitter isn’t likely to achieve similar results on other platforms like Pinterest for instance.  To maximize returns from investments in social media, it’s crucial to deal with each space in a different way to match its unique vibe.

2. Focus on Building a Personal Brand
Consumer preferences have changed, and they no longer view brands as brick-and-mortar entities. Personification of brands leads to higher engagement across the different social channels. The best way to achieve that is by building a strong, value-based personal brand.  When you share content that adds value, reach and engagement grow organically.

3.  Market with Authenticity and Passion
Social media is part of nearly everyone’s daily lives, and entrepreneurs and businesses alike have latched onto it to market themselves and engage with customers. Some more successfully than others.

Often times the best way to use social media marketing is to be authentic and passionate about what you post. 


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