Strengthen Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Strengthen your sales and marketing collaboration

In our last blog post we shared strategy #3 for creating customer engagement, Focus on the customer journey.”  This week we are sharing Strategy #4, which is all about strengthening sales and marketing collaboration.

Strategy #4 – Strengthen your sales and marketing collaboration

Think: “Where are we delivering sub-par experiences within our customer journey?”

“How can we better partner up marketing and sales to achieve positive outcomes?”

How can you implement this in your business?

– Source insights and inspiration from sales counterparts to acquire understanding of critical pipeline KPI’s, customer journey stages, and touchpoints where challenges are occurring.

– Generate content that can tie directly to sales efforts

– Generate late-stage materials to prove value to reluctant buyers

How can you implement this by leveraging LinkedIn?

– Design a content plan that connects your branding – and lead gen efforts – to sales activation.

– Run a Sponsored Content campaign on a specific message. Then, ask sales to reach out with content that mirrors and expands upon the same message.

– Introduce one of your sales reps in a virtual event to establish familiarity and rapport with attending prospects.

We hope you are enjoying the strategies we have shared and look forward to our next blog post where we will share the final strategy for creating customer engagement!

(Source: LinkedIn)

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