5 Ways to Use Google Trends to Improve Content Strategy

5 Ways to Use Google Trends to Improve Content Strategy

Google Trends is a relatively straightforward tool, but there are many ways to use it for your overall content strategy.  Here are five ways to use Google Trends to improve and supplement your current content strategy:

Finding trending topics can help you plan out content, identify unique angles, and even simply stay relevant as a brand.

By researching trending topics in Google Trends, you can find out when to start advertising for your next big holidays

3. Optimize Your Local SEO Strategy

Google Trends can help you refine your marketing campaigns and understand where your potential customers are.

4. Monitor Your Competitors

Analyzing what’s trending on your competitors’ sites can help you better understand what’s working for them and what can also work for you.

5. Optimize Your SEO Strategy

There are several ways you can leverage the data from Google Trends to plan and create a content strategy. We will take a deeper dive into these strategies in an upcoming newsletter so stay tuned!

Source: Semrush

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