B2B Customer Engagement Strategy #2

B2B Customer Engagement Strategy #2

Last week we shared our first B2B strategy for increasing customer engagement, “Positioning for the Long Term.”  This week we share Strategy #2, and how to implement it in your organization and on LinkedIn.

Strategy #2 – Know who your customer’s customers are

Think: “What do our customers need from us now to better serve their customers?” “Using these insights, how can we win new customer relationships, build trust, and engender customer loyalty?

Refocus on knowing your customer – and their customers.

How can you implement this in your business? 

– Capitalize on segmentation strategies – provide “tweaked” or completely different messaging and/or offerings for different market segments

How can you implement this by leveraging LinkedIn?

– Take advantage of LinkedIn’s unique targeting and filtering features to refine your audience.

– Look for commonalities, patterns, and trends within the cohort

– Try LinkedIn’s Insight Tag, Matched Audiences and Account-based marketing tools 

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(Source: LinkedIn)
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