4 Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns

4 Ideas for Email Marketing CampaignsEmail marketing is a tried and true digital marketing channel. As other marketing trends come and go, email marketing remains a steady source of traffic and conversions but you must constantly innovate and evolve.  Here are some tips for keeping things fresh: Read more

Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital Marketing Done RightThe secret to starting right in digital marketing is to focus on one goal, one type of content, and one social media channel at a time. Simple? You bet. Powerful? Like you wouldn’t believe. Let’s break it down.

One goal – If you don’t have goals in place for your digital marketing activities, you might as well not be doing it. Every time you start writing a blog post or composing a tweet ask yourself: Will this help me achieve my goal? Read more


Tips for Building Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is important not just in the consumer spaTips for Building Brand Awarenessce but also in the business-to-business space, where buyers are increasingly conducting their own research prior to reaching out to potential vendors. Brand awareness is a vital strategy for reaching those prospects and driving leads.

Here are a few brand-awareness strategies and how they can generate leads for your business:

  • Infographics are a useful way to share information with prospects and have them keep your brand top of mind.
  • Posting original content is a modest way to develop marketing messages and establish your title as an industry expert. Whether it is on a blog or through an email newsletter, original content sets your company apart from competitors and establishes you as an authority.
  • Social media toolsTake advantage of built-in technology on popular platforms that aid in the lead generation process.
  • Influencer marketingJoining online groups and conversations allows communication with professionals who command authority in your field, and help you become recognized as an influencer yourself.

For more ways to drive leads by building brand awareness READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Tools for Successful Content Marketing

Tools for Successful Content Marketing

Tools for Successful Content MarketingWhen you think of content marketing, what comes to mind? Creating a white paper? Writing a blog post about your latest acquisition? In 2018, content marketing is about creating interesting content people actually want to engage with.

Stop talking about your brand, and start creating content people want to read, watch or listen to. Sponsored posts, branded emails and traditional ads are no longer as effective as they once were. Read more

LinkedIn Business Marketing Tips

LinkedIn Business Marketing TipsLinkedIn’s ad platform is powerful, considering that its user demographic is made up of decision makers. Here are tips for LinkedIn that will drastically increase your marketing potential:

Complete Your Profile – your profile is the heart and soul of your personal and online business brands.

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Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes

Common SEO Mistakes Ruining Your Content Marketing

Common SEO Mistakes Ruining Your Content MarketingSearch engines help you get new readers, viewers, and listeners for your content. Give the search engines what they want by avoiding the following common mistakes that content creators make.

Short Content

Google likes long-form content because it gives searchers enough information to satisfy their needs. Generally, the more in-depth the content is, the more likely it solves the searcher’s intent or question, and that is what Google wants. Read more

Marketing Myths Debunked

marketing myths debunkedDon’t be fooled by common marketing misconceptions.  Here are 4 myths that just aren’t true:

Social Media Doesn’t Sell – 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions.

Blog Content is Fluff – Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

More Eyes = More Dollars – Views and clicks don’t create customers. Engagement marketing builds advocates for your brand, which pays dividends long after purchase.

Your Product Should Sell Itself – If you don’t put your product in front of the right audience in a measurable way, you may not be discovered.

For more Marketing Myths Debunked READ THE FULL ARTICLE via TechnologyAdvice.

10 Resources for SEO

10 Resources for SEOLooking to improve the SEO for your business? Here are 10 resources for understanding and optimizing SEO.
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Top Resources for Marketing Automation

Top Resources for Marketing Automation

Automation will save you time, money and help make your business run smoothly – you just need to know how to use it. Here are my top resources for automating your business.

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Top 15 Social Media Tweets for 2017

Top 15 Social Media Tweets for 2017Social media can be tricky to navigate due to the ever-changing features, networks and guidelines. Here are some of my top social media Tweets to help you make the most of your efforts.

Simple Solutions to Common Marketing Challenges – http://ow.ly/N4l630dujdP

Three Keys to Better Social Media Engagement – http://ow.ly/u3Mb30dujf3

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