Effective Email Marketing Strategy #2

Looking to create quality content for your email marketing campaigns?

In our last post we shared our first strategy for creating an effective email marketing campaign, Outline Your Email Strategy  Here we share Strategy #2 to help you develop an effective email marketing strategy for your business.

Strategy #2: Create Content That Drives Engagement

Once you’ve defined your email strategy, the next step is focusing on the content. Both the subject line and body of your email play crucial roles in engaging your audience. Both elements have different calls to action (CTAs) and ways of convincing people to either open the email, or once they’ve opened it, drive the action you’re looking to drive.

In email marketing, opening an email or clicking on any of the content that’s within the email—whether it’s an image, CTA button, or link—is seen as engagement. 

– Track when someone opens or reads an email, determine how long someone spent reading it, find out whether they scrolled through it, and see all sorts of behavioral metrics such as where the most hover points are.

– Think about your content from an engagement perspective to ensure that it lands in an inbox and not spam. 

– When you create content, think about what your audience wants to receive from you. 

– If a certain post or piece of content is getting a lot of shares, likes, or retweets on social media, that could feed into your email marketing content strategy by informing the content or subject line in your email. 

– And vice versa, a piece of content that’s driving lots of engagement and clicks via email could feed into your social content plan.

 Be sure to check out our next post for Strategy #3! 

(Source:Social Media Examiner)

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