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Paid Search Should Be Part of the Mix

Why Should Paid Search Be Part of Your Mix?  Digital advertising isn’t a novel idea. From Google and Facebook ads to sponsored content on LinkedIn, to banner ads on other websites, advertising online has been around for a while. The importance of advertising in general, and of paid search in particular, has increased in the […]

Top Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

Do you share content on LinkedIn? Wondering how to publish LinkedIn content that gets more clicks and engagement?  Here are some tips to help you get more LinkedIn engagement and clicks. #1: Research Engaging Content Ideas for LinkedIn Before you create content for LinkedIn, you need to find topics that will engage your audience on […]

Optimize Your Marketing Plan

Want to be sure your next marketing plan is optimized for the future? Looking for a framework to follow? Here is a four-step process to help you audit and adjust your next marketing plan. #1: Evaluate Your Branding and Online Footprint to Ensure Consistency First, you need to address brand health. Does your brand need […]

Enhance the Customer Journey with Social Media

In our last blog post we shared the first 3 stages of the customer journey and ways to incorporate social media. Yes, it really is possible to do it without resorting to sales-y posts or spammy messages! Here are the next 4 stages of the customer journey and tips for tackling them. Try This is […]

Social Media and the Customer Journey

Your social media marketing can sometimes feel separate from your other marketing efforts. The fact of the matter is that all of your marketing efforts should be shaped around the customer journey, and that includes social media. Here’s how you can incorporate social media in the first 3 stages of the customer journey: Know Social media is a […]

LinkedIn Performance Boosting Tips

Just setting up a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough.  Engagement is key and posting content isn’t that difficult. There are three types of content you can create directly on LinkedIn: Posts – this is short content, such as status updates and quick shares Videos – you can directly upload video files to LinkedIn Articles – LinkedIn […]

Make Your Content Stand Out From the Clutter

The Internet is filled with a staggering amount of content. A Google search can turn up tens of millions of results for a single query in seconds. Here are some tips to help you create content that stands out from the content clutter: Find a New Angle Stay True to Your Brand’s Voice Provide Actionable […]

Get Your Content Noticed with These Tips!

In our last blog post we shared four tips for optimizing images for SEO.  This week we are sharing four more techniques to help you get your content noticed. 1. Include captions Image captions – the words directly beneath images – may not have a direct impact on SEO, but, unlike file names and alt […]

4 Tips for SEO Optimized Images

Images are crucial to ensuring that your content is more accessible, attractive, and engaging to users, but they’re equally important for SEO.  Here are some tips for optimizing them. 1. Resize your images Image size and file size are not the same thing. Image size refers to the dimensions of an image (e.g., 1024 by […]

How to Run a Twitter Audit

With 275 million monthly active users, Twitter is an undeniably good tool for engaging with an audience and expanding your brand’s online reach. But it can be tricky to know whether you’re truly successful on the site — which is when a Twitter audit comes in handy. It helps you analyze the performance of your Twitter […]