Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital Marketing Done Right

The secret to starting right in digital marketing is to focus on one goal, one type of content, and one social media channel at a time. Simple? You bet. Powerful? Like you wouldn’t believe. Let’s break it down.

One goal – If you don’t have goals in place for your digital marketing activities, you might as well not be doing it. Every time you start writing a blog post or composing a tweet ask yourself: Will this help me achieve my goal?

What should your goal be? Your goal could be anything, depending on your situation, with one caveat: Your goal cannot be “to raise brand awareness” or any variant of that phrase. A goal like that is too broad. Be more specific, establish the goal,  write it down,  and then get to work achieving it.

One type of content – Choose one type of content. Learn all you can about it. Start producing it — a lot of it. Work on it until you’ve got it down to a science. Then, and only then, can you repeat the process with a new type of content.

One social media channel – Want to know why so many people complain that social media is ineffective for promoting a business? Because they’re trying to do too much at once. By focusing on one social media channel, you can invest your time and energy into creating a raving follower base – and not waste time keeping up with the latest changes and trends across multiple platforms.

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