Clear and Simple Elevator Speeches Hook Prospects

by Loraine Kasprzak, MBA Your stomach is clenched in fear, and you’ve broken out in a cold sweat. Are you sitting in the dentist’s chair, awaiting a root canal? No, you’re about to give your elevator speech and haven’t a clue what to say.

7 Secrets to Marketing in an Economic Downturn

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What’s Your Marketing ROI?

By Loraine Kasprzak, MBA A retired executive who is starting up a new company recently asked me, how does a business owner know if they are getting a return on their marketing investment?

Write a Killer White Paper to Build Immediate Credibility

A well written, compelling white paper that is thoughtfully promoted can build your company’s credibility. By Loraine Kasprzak, MBA

Let Testimonials Sell for You

By Loraine Kasprzak, MBA Who doesn’t like to receive positive feedback from customers? Hearing “The website you developed gives us a tremendous professional presence. It’s exactly what we’d hoped for,” or “Your insight helped us solidify and fine tune our message for our marketplace,” can give you a tremendous boost and let you know you’re […]